The Materials

Our materials

We've selected some pretty remarkable materials.

Not because we're impressed with fancy name brands. But because we've sourced locally. And these materials are made to last.

Both interior and exterior canvas comes from a mill up in Dundee, Scotland — Halley Stevensons. The Scots were the first to wax cotton back in the 15th century, and this mill is the first to hold a patent in it. Again, we weren't just taken in with their impressive heritage; we tested their materials as well as their competitors, and were left swooning over their quality.



The specific fabric we're using is made of 100% organic cotton. This cotton is GOTS-certified — which, if you aren't quite sure, means the cotton is fully traceable to the farm it is grown on, and that the farming is monitored for both responsible and ethical conditions.

The water-resistant exterior canvas, furthermore, is Fluorocarbon-free, to avoid the toxicity and non-degradability of those chemicals.



But though the lion's share of materials for the Rolltop is comprised of the canvas, we haven't put all our attention on just one item.

The details matter. 

The zips are sourced from YKK, to ensure they'll last year after year after year. The shoulder straps are woven by one of the few British webbing manufacturers remaining. And the leather used in the pulls is vegetable-tanned, to avoid the significant toxins of the standard (chromium-dyed) process.

We're not perfect, but we're trying hard. And we're always looking for better ways to improve our impact.