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Production Notes: 'satchel'

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Production notes: 'satchel'

Ahem. 'Satchel' is a placeholder until I've decided on a proper name for this wee gem-in-the-works.


I started work a few months ago on a small item. Something practical for our currently fairly minimal-carry lives. But it was during a red light period on my broken traffic light, and things have moved slowly.

This week, I got to see it come to life in not one but two fully-developed samples. Queue the trumpets!! (Seriously, I can't quite convey the relief of seeing exciting work in flow after a mountain-range of challenges.)

Previously, I've been pretty much closed-lipped until a product was fully developed. Which is normal and sane as so many things are liable to change before a product launches. I'm going to shake things up though, this time.

I'm going to take you along on the process of development. Hold on to your hat, though, as many of the elements may well change.


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