Marks are like scars. This bag has been places, seen things, done things. You've not stayed on the sidelines; it's not stayed on the shelf.

maintenance + cleaning

Reproof annually to maintain water-resistance (or more frequently if a heavy user). Reproofing spray is available here.

Spot-clean with a damp clean cloth.

For stubborn marks use light soapy water. Air dry away from heaters and the sun. 

Machine washing is only an option for certain items that are Sage Green or Black and are without leather and do not have yellow lining. Reproofing will be neccessary after the bag has air-dried, to return water-resistance.

Please contact us if unsure of the best treatment for you bag, and we'll give you the best advice.

repairs + care

If your bag is in need of repair due to use, love and the general wear+tear of life — great! We'd love to help keep your bag going strong. We do our best to charge a minimal maintenance cost while extending the life of your bag.

All repairs within two years are free of charge. Afterwards, a minimal repair fee will be requested. (Indicative prices below.)

To begin a repair request, please email photos and description to

IMPORTANT: Please make sure your bag is as clean as possible inside before sending in. Shake out or vacuum it first, so we can focus on the repair itself. We will need to charge for cleaning time otherwise, which may also cause a delay.



All costs below include us returning items by Royal Mail to customers within the UK.

While we are happy to repair bags that come from abroad, we will need charge the cost of return postage.

Indicative pricing

Replacement zip pull (leather or vegan): £5 for 1, £8 for 2, £10 for 3

Reproofing full bag in appropriate spray (don't worry, we'll know which one to use): £4-8 dependent on size of bag

Mending of frayed webbing on Rolltop shoulder strap (long, top portion of strap): £10 for both. Please note this is not a replacement, but a subtle visible mend as shown in picture above. Less waste, fewer materials, and a badge of honour.

Replacement of webbing on Rolltop shoulder strap (short, lower portion of strap): £12.50 each

Repair of closure loop on Rolltop: £15

Rolltop Batch 3 and newer: laptop sleeve zipper replacement: £60

Rolltop Batches 1&2: laptop sleeve zipper replacement: £10


If for any reason, your bag is not performing as it should due to manufacturing defect, we will (of course!) repair your bag as quickly as possible at no cost to you. If you feel this is the case, please email us with photos to explain your situation.

We want to repair every bag we've ever made.