Care + Repairs

As the canvas we use is a natural fibre, the fabric will age with use. But, like the smile wrinkles on a face, these are from memories made. Look after your bag with care, and it will last a lifetime. 


Spot-clean with a damp clean cloth. For stubborn marks use light soapy water. Air dry away from heaters and the sun. Machine washing is not recommended for any of our products; it will soften the structure and reduce water resistance.

Reproofing is recommended annually, depending on level of use. A reproofing spray is available on


Should any issues arise, please be in touch. We want to make sure this bag remains in use for many, many years to come, and are happy to handle any issue large or small. We'll even take care of return shipping within the UK. Beyond two years of purchase, a minimal repair fee may be requested.

To make sure repair requests meet your approval in advance, please email a photo and brief description to before sending your item.