Woman walking through field wearing a water-proof coat and Rolltop backpack

We have a pretty crazy story

But first, an introduction

We aren't a fast-fashion brand.
We don't do excess. Or one-season hits.

We focus on producing the smallest number of bags possible, designing each one to be used and loved as much as possible, and then crafting it laboriously from the best materials.

We want to make goods that stay in use as long as possible, without leaving plastics in circulation for generations to come.

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Less is more

Pay attention to detail

Be brave

Question the status quo

Trust your instinct

Have fun

Be helpful, generous and kind


Make a difference

Focus on the possibilities

You know us. We're the people that have a passion we won’t shut up about. We value silence, and laughter. We'll take the harder way, if it's the better way. We believe a campfire with friends can't be beat. We treasure skills that take time to refine. We always have time for a hug. And heck yeah, we'll jump into a cold lake.

Our story

How it began

Buy a bag. Grow bored. Replace.
Buy a bag. It breaks. Replace.
Buy a bag. Find a better bag. Replace.

Our founder knew nothing about bag-making, but knew about design. And utility. And longevity. And she believed in a better way.

A digital designer and mother of two young children, Lyndsay was frustrated with waste, poor design, and the world her children were inheriting.

One day, her bag broke. And it changed the course of her life.

Lyndsay knew nothing about fashion, textiles or manufacturing.

But she knew she could somehow figure it out, and make a bag that would last, and that was worth keeping.

She spent every night and weekend for the next year designing and figuring out how to make the first three prototypes of a backpack. And then another year testing it with others, refining the pattern and figuring out how to build a responsible business to bring the bag to life.

Some might call it crazy. She couldn't imagine anything else.