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The List of Greater Goods 2022

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BEST OF 2022

This a list of companies we love — companies offering exceptional goods with an extraordinary desire to help our planet. We get no commission. We simply want to shout their names. We're all in this together.


This a list of companies we love — companies offering remarkable goods with an exceptional desire to help our planet and the people involved.

We get no commission. We simply want to shout their names. Let's support the world we want.

We're all in this together.

Buy less. Buy better. Make it last.


Keeping items in circulation is one of the best things we can do for the planet. These brands deserve extra attention.


Floaty pieces of top rated ethical womensweear brands. They just happen to all be second-hand. Womens.

Monty&Co ➔

Hardworking unisex kids' clothing in timeless cuts. A lively buyback and resell scheme occurs routinely. Kids.


Pre-loved clothing from a few well-known UK brands. This company is new to the field, and one to watch. Mens + Womens.


New, pre-loved and rentable clothing. European made, with materials and production transparency. Womens.

BonTot ➔

Second-hand kids' clothing (and some adults', too). Own brand and other labels as well. Kids.

Music Magpie ➔

Buy and sell pretty much any electronic device here, from smartwatches to computers to consoles, as well as CDs and books.


A focus on durability, materials and the people who made them.

Seventy + Mochi

Denim jeans, coveralls and blouses, with a focus on recycled and organic. Womens.

Carrier Company ➔

Everyday workwear, inspired by sea and garden classics. Handmade in Norfolk. Mens + Womens.

YOU Underwear

Underwear for women, men and girls. Rated in the top 5% of BCorps in the world, with a buy one give two donation model.


Circularity leaders based in the Isle of Wight, offering all the basics and a return-to-be-respun programme. Mens + Womens.

The Slow Label

A focus on classic, elegant shapes and colour, along with transparency and natural materials. Womens.

Community Clothing

A company going the extra mile to make well-loved basics here in the UK, using natural fibres. Mens + Womens.

Claude & Co

Infant and young children's wear, all in unisex styles and organic cotton.


The small jeans brand in Wales with a cult-like following. Promoters of small batch production and their #nowashclub.


Colourful, durable workwear, with a quirky, vintage-inspired feel. Lifetime repairs. Womens.

Finisterre ➔

Promoters of the sea, and all those who enjoy it. Mens + Womens. 

J Label

Soft shapes for women, from this Dutch brand with a focus on transparency and natural or recycled fibres.


Ever-so-slightly quirky, yet traditionally-inspired clothing. Designed for longevity. Mens + Womens.


Supremely comfy lounge and nightwear in organic cotton. Alpaca socks + hot water bottles, too. Mens, Womens and Kids.

Bertie's of Bay

Traditional British workwear, with a strong sea influence. Mens, Womens, Unisex.

Stalf ➔

Flouncy dresses, joggers and other easy-wearing wardrobe staples, made in-house at this Lincolnshire studio. Womens.


Retailers and Directories promoting companies with the very best values

Brothers We Stand

A carefully curated collection of ethical menswear, with a focus on British and European labels. Mens.


A large collection of ethical brands, from Girlfriend Collective to People Tree. Womens (mostly).

Plastic Freedom

A one-stop shop of plastic-free items for all realms of life — from house to travel to personal care.


A vast directory of small brands offering ethical items from homewear to pet products to energy providers to fashion.

Enjoying this list?

Join our community of passionate people.

Buy Me Once

A carefully tested and curated selection of items made for durability, for kitchen, home, women and men.



All your groceries, delivered in returnable, refillable containers. Say good-bye to single-use anything.

Ethical Butcher

The best solution for soil heath is a combination of crops and livestock. These brands source meat exclusively from the regenerative farms that raise livestock in this manner.

Toast ➔

Producing beer from surplus bread, Toast reduces carbon emissions from the outset, with all profit going to charities.

Cook School Shop

UK-wide cook school programme, inspiring kids to cook through a home delivery programme of recipe boxes.

L.A. Brewery ➔

Award-winning Suffolk-brewed kombucha, beautifully infused with botanicals. Sold as classic kombucha, and as direct beer and sparkling wine alternatives.


One of the largest companies on this list, this veg-box company is employee owned and very actively engaged in environmental awareness. (Their recipes on IG are also ace.)


Baxley Goods

Obsessively designed backpacks and bags, traditional in shape, redesigned for maximum utility. Made with organic, British waxed-canvas in small runs in the UK. (Yep, that's us!)

Bird Aprons ➔

Hard-working aprons, specifically designed for women's (and kids) frames.

Turtle Doves

Gloves, hats and scarves made from fully recycled cashmere sweaters. Mens, Womens, Kids

Voyloks ➔

Indoor slippers/outdoor shoes. A fully removable natural rubber sole makes these wool boots perfect anywhere, whilst also being 100% biodegradable.

Happy Self Journal

A mindfulness and positivity daily journal for kids. Different versions suitable for 6-12, and 12+. A big hit in our house.

That's it!

We do hope you enjoyed this list, and stay in touch. Let's do great things together.

If you know of a small brand that has a keen desire to help the planet, please do write


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