You know us. We're the people that have a passion we won’t shut up about. We value silence, and laughter. We'll take the harder way, if it's the better way. We believe a campfire with friends can't be beat. We treasure skills that take time to refine. We always have time for a hug. And jumping in a cold lake is absolutely something we're crazy enough to do.


A community has formed around the world of people who share our values. People who believe in the importance of good design, and that an item made well should be treasured and last forever.

Baxley was founded by Lyndsay Lucero, a digital creative wanting to use her skills to do more.

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How it started

Buy a bag. Grow bored. Replace.
Buy a bag. It breaks. Replace.
Buy a bag. Find a better bag. Replace.

Lyndsay wanted to do something to break this cycle. With 15 years of experience in designing easy, engaging user experiences for the world’s most influential brands, she rolled up her sleeves and got to work. She knew nothing about textiles, fashion or manufacturing — and very little about sewing — but she spent every evening and weekend for two years figuring it out.

Handmade by a small team of passionate British makers in the South Downs, using materials chosen with distance and footprint in mind, Baxley goods are made for function, form and positive impact.

If you actually want to know more, you should hear the story from Lyndsay herself. Her weekly(ish) newsletter has documented the crazy journey since her hand-sewing days.

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