The handy grab-and-go satchel for everyday items. Perfect for a hands-free stroll with your basics.

Featuring Sam Browne closure, two front utility pockets, and one full-width zipped utility pocket within the main compartment.

29 x 19 x 11cm

Protected by a flap, two pockets for easy-to-access items like your phone and keys

Sizeable zipped pocket, for large wallets and extra precious items.

Plus, a generous main compartment. Large enough for a few books, but small enough that it stays light-weight.

Custom brass hardware

Made in the UK to our very own specifications. 

Vegetable-tanned leather

Conventional leather takes just hours to cure, involving an enormous amount of environmentally-damaging chemicals.

Vegetable-tanned leather is a far lengthier process, taking months to produce. However, the result is chemical-free and dramatically more durable. A clear winner.

Sam Browne closure. Simple. Classic.

Created for a British soldier who had lost his arm in battle in 1858, this classic closure is simple and perfect for the everyday.

Made in England, made in-house

The people who make these bags aren't anonymous faces — they're family. Working locally means we provide desirable employment to the surrounding community, keep the carbon footprint to a local area, and the quality, well, impeccable.

Organic, rainproof waxed canvas

Double-layered for extra longevity and structure, this 100% cotton canvas is heavyweight, has a non-waxy feel and is fluorocarbon-free.

Sourced from the two best waxed canvas makers in the world, both here in the UK — Halley Stevensons (for the White Cliffs) and British Millerain (for the Sunflower).